Friday, September 17, 2010

Lancôme Haul

Hello again!

   I've uploaded my first youtube video. Please check it out above or go to my channel and support the newbie. My frist video is the Lancôme Haul +Bonus. It consist of Lancôme's gift set as well as some stuff here and there.The reason why I did this haul first is so that everyone can go out there and get the set if they wanted to. Macy's gift set is featured in this video, which you can still go out to get while supplies last. You'll need to buy $32.50 amount of Lancôme's product to receive the gift set for FREE (one of my favorite words). Nordstrom just started this Saturday, September 11th with their own Lancôme gift set with similar products as the Macy's gift set. I believe the Nordstrom gift set could be pre-ordered and pre-paid for so again, it is available while supplies last. Lancôme's gift sets are always a great deal because you get to receive over $100 value of stuff for FREE! Another reason why I love gift sets is because you get to try out the brand's products without risking expenses.

Here are the products with a little bit of my opinion as well as swatches. This should help you decide if the products are well suited for you before you make the trip to go purchase. :) Almost like shopping yourself.

This is the set that I chose to get. You actually can pick 7 items from the 14 selectable gifts. I absolutely love the gift set and I am super happy that it was free. I think a gift set is great because you get to try out the products and then decide for yourself if it is worth buying the full size one. 
   I do not like the CLS Booster because it straighten out my lashes and weighs them down. It might actually work for others with thicker and stiffer lashes, but my lashes are really straight and fine.
   I do like the HD Mascara for lifting and its no clogging factor, but it does not give any thickness to my lashes nor curl.
   I am currently using the Bi-facil eye make-up remover and I do love it. It takes away the make-up so fast and with such little effort. The pros: No rubbing require, does not irritate if some gets into the eye, and has a light fragrance.The cons: need to mix well or the separation of the soluable will cause eyes to dry out, chemicals may be too strong to work this good, leaves an oily substance, and cannot use to touch up make-up because the residue causes makeup to slide off and affect other surrounding application.
  I use the High Resolution 3X Cream under my makeup because it helps my powder glide on as well as stay on. The texture is very pearly and silky. It absorbs well and does not leave an oily feeling. I would not use it as a moisturizer though because it isn't very rich and creamy. I would only use it as a anti-wrinkle and a base or primer for foundation or powder.
  I do not use the High Resolution Anti-wrinkle Serum because it is a little bit thicker and it would cause my make-up to slip and slide, even when I'm sleeping. I would suggest using it after a facial mask, pore strips, or  getting a facial because your pores are vulnerable and the serum will be soaked up more product and there will be no slipping and sliding :)
  OK! So now to the items from the gift set that I cannot live without. I watch many of Michelle Phan's video and on her Bride- Wedding Inspire video she raved about  Lancôme's Color Design Lipstick in LOVE IT! It is a great color for all year round because it actually accentuate your natural lip color. The color looks different on everyone, but it looks great on everyone. Swatches will be available near the end of the post. 

   I love the Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Glitz because it is so versitile for any look. You can wear it darker or lighter. The colors have a gold shimmer understone so it is very flattering on warm skin tones. Cool tones can wear it too because it can help warm up your look. I love how you can wear any of the colors individually by it self. These colors will look great with Fall's haute lipcolor, RED. Also, it will look great with darker wine colors and nude lips.
In order from R to L: 

                                                No primer was used!
   And now for the things I actually purchased myself and the reason why I even got the gift set. I've been looking for the perfect red for "ME" and it has been a long scavenger. I do not like shimmers, frosts, glitter, sheen, lustre, and sheer reds so my pickiness was so hard to satisfy. I've been searching since the beginning of summer, keeping in mind that I needed a long time to find it. AND I DID! 
  I absolutely am in love with RED HAUTE from Lancôme's Color Design line. It is a matte color, which makes it perfect for an every day look, but it can also be transform to an evening glamourous look with just a gloss or balm. The texture is very moist, even though it is a matte color. It glides over my lip creases easily and minimizes them. There is no taste or smell and last but no least it does not BLEED. 
                                          Swatches will be available near the end of this post.
  Since I love Color Design's line so much I had to find another color. Luckily, I found the perfect nude lipcolor for "ME". I've been looking for a nice nude that will not make me like corpse like as well as won't dry my lips out without a gloss. I like to keep things simple. I do not like to make the perfect lipcolor by mixing or overlapping different lipsticks and lipglosses. 
  Lancôme's Color Design in NATURAL BEAUTY is the perfect nude. Because my lips are pigmented the peach/pink undertone cancels out the pigmentation and together make the nude color work with my lip. PLUS, the packaging is really chic. The top actually has a similar swatch of the lipcolor so that you don't have to memorize the name of the lipstick to find it in your bag because it is already displayed on the top! LOVE.

 SWATCHES from the TOP: Red Haute, Natural Beauty, Love it! ( Lancôme's Color Design)

I hope you guys will find useful information or at least some entertainment from this post. If you'd like to find these items on the web it is located on my "Lancôme Haul+ Bonus" video description box on my channel.

Hope to hear from you and look forward to my detailed post on my BONUS haul.