Saturday, February 12, 2011

In LUCK! Bargain Shopping with Jen


I uploaded two videos today... my first official segment Bargain Shopping with Jennifer AND the requested Wonder Woman Haul. So, if you didn't want to read about it on my last post... you can simply be entertained by the video.

   Bargain Shopping with Jen is an idea I had after getting a lot of interest from my GoodWill Haul. People were asking me what other places do I go to and how did they not know of these places. Well I guess it's just that I've been doing this my whole life! SHOPPING, but once I started to pay for expenses on my own (detached from the HUMAN ATM... aka my parents) I had to be smarter on what I am spending on. It started after I discovered ROSS! Always heard from people that only "poor" people or those who cannot afford department store shops at ROSSWRONG!!! Ross is actually for people who are smart enough to know about stores like these and not depend on department stores to reassure them of their fashion taste. Just because the mannequin wears it doesn't mean it's stylish or fashion forward. Style is used to describe or characterize who you are. Are you a mannequin? BTW, the mannequin did not have a choice I the clothes it is wearing... YOU DO! I know so many people who don't show at other stores other than stores that are inside malls. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in "you get what you pay for", but if you CAN get it for cheaper why not? I feel like if I pay for something FULL price then I'm just dumb. Some slip ups that are worth it is ok, such as high quality purses lol.

  Stores like TJMAXX and Marshalls have great stuff because it's a "Hand- me- down" store, meaning what every that has to go or overstocked from department stores gets hand down to these discounted stores. Just keep in mind of the brands that you like and I KNOW you can find it there. Also, you just have to trust your style and taste as well as know how to mix match between low end and high end. Make it your own.

In the video, I mentioned Buffalo Exchange, which is a thrift store that is based on a trading system. Meaning... you can bring in your things that you no longer want or need and they will give you either credit to the store or cash. You can also shop there for other peoples' clothes. Don't think this is gross because you'll actually find vintage things and classics. "One's trash can be another's treasure". Clothes and accessories are pieces of art that need to be recycled. You can just throw away art! To make it more simple think of Buffalo Exchange like a Half Price Books store.

   I hope I've help you with your findings and good luck! Remember to stay tune for more Bargain Shopping with JENNIFER

Love Jen

Friday, February 11, 2011

Only Wonder Woman Can!


I feel so bad for not being able to update my blog, but honestly I haven't bought anything that I could swatch. Like you've seen on my channel my hauls are mostly foundations, concealers, powders, etc. It's kind of hard to swatch those and to be really blunt, "I'm LAZY." But only Wonder Woman can make me get off my booty and start my blog again.

I've been cheating a  lot by subscribing to as many blogs out there as I could because reading them was so much better than writing on my own haha. It's just because I find other people's blogs such as; KarlaSugar, Temptalia, Of Face and Fingers, Look Book, Beauty Anonymous, etc. to have so many helpful and interesting things to read on. But I never thought MY stuff could be interesting to someone else. Sorry for doubting myself ! I was just having one of those moments. I will now try my hardest to continue with this blog and try to help out my channel viewers as well as those who cannot watch YouTube due to work, school, or possibly stay at home moms who's only free moments are when the children are asleep and cannot listen to youtubers. Here's a blog to keep you entertain.

Enough of my excuses and my rambling of how I decided to be motived and persistant. Let's get it started with MAC's new line WONDER WOMAN! I actually found out that MAC was going to have a Wonder Woman Collection the day I got the honor to guest swatch with ( Click here to see our swatches: MAC Peacocky w/ Karla Sugar) " MY ARM GOT FAMOUS". haha. Well anyways, we saw promotion boards and decorations for the collection in a box on the ground. Ok, we were not that desperate to actually open the box, it was already open so we peeked! So excited we couldn't waited for the preview date.

The preview date came around and for once in a LONG time it snowed/iced here where I live and the day was canceled. Then after postponing the day, MAC surprised everyone and launched the collection ONLINE super weird time! Like 7pm Central time or something like that. So Karla and I decided to call a rain check and I just ordered what we wanted online, which I would get the products faster than going to the preview and purchasing it through the pre-sale.

OK! SO what did I get?? I got the three most NORMAL out of the collection... what does that mean exactly? I purchased what I thought would be the first items to be sold out as well as the ones I think would be most flattering on ANY skin tone. Keep in mind before you see the prices and freak out, most product in the line is SUPER-SIZED! I guess Wonder Woman needs wonderfully large amount of products to last her while saving the day. SWATCHES are at the end!

I got Pink Power a mineralized- skinfinish. It's super huge... we will be able to see a picture of the comparison to a regular skinfinish down below. The difference is that the WW is 20 g/ .7 oz ( $35) and the regular SF is usually 10g/ .35oz ($28). So you're probably thinking... WOW! That is twice the product for just 7 dollars more! Yea... but also no because when you purchase a SF you're using it as one product. The Pink Power from WW is actually a trio... I've tried it as a blend and it just looks funny. There are three colors... A pink sheer frost that can act as a blush on fair to medium skin or a highlighter for darker skin. Then there is a larger portion of bronzer which would show up all the way up to NC42-5. And lastly, there is a portion the same size as the pink and it is a vanilla ( reminds of NYLON eyeshadow from MAC) sheer highlighter.

The regular size clearly is smaller than WW's SF in Pink Power

Is a must have? No... unless you are a bronzer, highlighter junkie and want to collect them all. Also, I think it will be an inconvenience later because you might use one of the section more and then later the level of the product will interfere with your application. How weird would it be if you were to have brownish highlighter?? The size and amount of product is a plus, but in the long run maybe a pass. I think if you love Wonder Woman or the packaging AND you love a versatile product then GO FOR IT! Another point I would like to make is that could enable you to buy or not would be the fact that since the packaging is so HUGE, why did MAC not put a mirror in it? This is a good product to bring along since it's essential for touch ups and the fact that it is as big as your face... why not put a mirror for better usage?
Taken with flash for a true color capture!

Not a bronzer highlighter kind of person? I got the BLUSH also ! (Ah... I thought I had enough after my R&R haul, but NOPE) I got the Mighty Aphrodite (Satin/Frost) Powder Blush. Again, instead of getting the regular Powder Blush for $19.50 (6g/ .21oz) you'll be spending $24.00 (11g/.38oz), which is almost double the product. Like the MSF there are sections and for the blush the frost section is larger with a peachy light pink with fine gold shimmer. The smaller section is a warm rosey color. When used together it creates a perfect pinch on the cheek color. It goes on like coral yet pink on me. I love the color because it gives your face a tan glow and warmth. AH like SUNKISSED! The shimmer is very forgiving because it only shows in the sunlight as glisten. I am in love with this blush. At first I was like, eh not that special, BUT on... that's another story. You'll have to try it out yourself to trust my words. 

Taken without flash 

Comparing the size! Man love it when the product is a YES AND the quanity DOUBLES!

    Here's the packaging for the last product I bought from MAC's WW Collection. LIPSTICK! 
 This is the sleeve for the box and the box is red.
Inside is the famous Wonder Woman STARS.

  I purchased the WW Lipstick in Marquise D' (Lustre) for $15.50. Why the extra $1.50?? Nope, you do not get more product... I guess it's for the different packaging. 

 My BF said it reminds him of a bullet... I never would have thought of that, but I guess it's appropriate.

   The color is a sheer warm pink ( not so much a baby pink but has a little mauve). There is a warm shimmer to the color but does not show up on the lips. I have pigmented lips and it shows up a little lighter than HUG ME ( by MAC also a lustre finish). It is a natural/neutral color, great paired with a smoke eye, but unfortunately I feel like the color doesn't stay on well. If you were to blot your lips or accidentally touch it then the color is completely off in that area and you have a space on your lip without color. I guess this would be good for those who want a "nude" lipcolor that is warm and has a mauve/pink tone to it so that they do not look like a white corpse. I would only purchase this if I felt like the packaging is cute and I wanted a neutral color. The others from this collection is kind of loud for me. 

Non-direct Sunlight BUT true to color.
Mighty Aphodrite Powder Blush, Marquise D' (Lipstick), Pink Power MSF

 Direct Sunlight to Ensure True Shimmers/ Texture
Taken in shadow for true indoor colors ( intensely swatched)

Well, aren't you glad I didn't buy ALL the products from this collection? This post would go on til tomorrow! I hope that my swatches and review on the products that I purchased from the MAC Wonder Woman Collection was helpful for you to make your decision or save you a trip to the counters.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or TWEET me EmJustLikeYou.

Til we meet next time, take care and stay beautiful!

Jen :D