Saturday, April 16, 2011

Chanel 2011 SUMMER Collection Review& Swatches

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means!!! BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT colors!! I'm so excited and to get in the mood Chanel has launched their new Summer Collection. What's a better way to get in the mood of a new season than splurging and then being broke lol. 

    First off I wanted to show you the nail polishes because this is what drawled me to this collection. The yellow or STAR of this collection is called Mimosa! It is just amazing. Chanel introduced to us Black as chic and now Yellow is chic/stylish. I absolutely love this color and here you will see close up of the color on my nails. I do however do not think this shade is complimented on all skintones but I may be wrong. I haven't seen any fair skin gals wear this polish yet to judge. My skin color is NC30-35 and I love this color on me. Even though it is "yellow" the quality of the polish and the layers of dimension it has, it is just so flattering. There is shimmer/pearl effects in the polish but it seems to have a flat/cream finish indoors unless under light. In different angles the color has different effects. I cannot explain as well as the photos below can. So I'll let you all be the judge ;D

    And along with this collection there are two other shades that are also limited edition. The beige color I did not get because it appeared to be very boring and easily duped with other brands. I did however got the pink color in Morning Rose. It has the same gold shimmer as Miami Peach, yet it is a bright and soft pink. I know... how can something be bright AND soft? Well, it can be very bright but the color itself is a soft warmer pink. I haven't tried it on my nails to judge the color, whether I like it or not, nor can I say if the color is a must have. I will change my polish next week and take some detailed pictures of the polish on me for your reference. Here are just the pictures of the bottle in the sun, so that you can see the shimmers. 

    And now for the BEST of the bunch. Yes, Mimosa nail polish was already, in my opinion, the POW! of this collection but there is more. I didn't think much of the Bronzer/Blush from the previews I saw online before the collection was launched, but I tried them in stores and I gotta say they took my breathe away! I might like them better than my HG Rock & Republic Blushes! YUP I SAID IT!! 

    There are two from the collection and I got BOTH!! I loved it that much. One is Bronze Rose and the other is Bronze Corail. I've been reaching for the Rose one more even though my initial breathe was taken away by the Corail. Even though CHANEL calls it bronzers they seem more like a "mosiac" blush to me. The bronze sections give you warmth and depth to your cheeks and the color/blush part gives you that extra pop of color. I think either would look great on all skintones, but the Rose one would definitely look better on fair skin. You're getting 14 g for $50 and I must add you also get a brush with Chanel's logo on it and the packaging is lovely. Same size as the Chanel Double Perfection Foundation Compact, but instead of a white logo on the cover it is gold for Soliel Tan de Chanel. 

 Bronze Corail

True to color
The first swatch is Glossimer in Pensee and the rest is Bronze Corail swatched separatel and blended.

    I did get one out of the three glossimers but I'm not a big fan of them because they are just simply a sheer glitter/shimmer gloss that can only work over lipsticks. I don't like shimmers or glitter so I never really like glossimers. Pensee is a coral/redish gloss with gold shimmers. 

 Bronze Rose

  Of course for more detail on the collection and my thoughts on the products please watch my video!