Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dance the night away "On the Floor"

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Tong

I've been dancing the night away to J. Lo's new song "On the Floor" ft. Pitbull and I LOVE her look in the music video. If you haven't seen it click HERE I absolutely love J. Lo in all of her looks. I've been definitely obsessed over her different looks on American Idol. From the clothes to the hair and makeup, everything is flawless. 

    I used her look when she is wearing the silver jumpsuit in the music video as inspiration. Of course it doesn't look completely like her or her look, but I don't look like her. My eyes are rounder so I had to stop the lower lash liner in the middle instead of further into the corner of the eye. Also bc my eyes are black I didn't want to line my lash line with the brown eyeshadow like she did.  I also changed the main eyeshadow color to a darker blue tone brown due to my dark hair, but that's the art of makeup you have to change things up accordingly to yourself. That's what makes you unique. 

  Let me add that this isn't an imitation, I'm just simply inspired by her beautiful makeup. I hope you guys enjoy it and found something helpful from my video. Try this look out for yourself and remember to tweet it up to yourself and make it your own. Tell me how it goes! 

With flash and more true to colors

Love you all! 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Ombre Perlees de CHANEL Review

    Hello hello my fellow beauty junkies!

I'm so ready for Spring considering it is Spring Break for me. The trees are blooming flowers, children are playing in the park, and most importantly... pastels, neons, brights OH MY!

  I am a FALL/WINTER kind of gal, but after being in darker tones I am so ready for lighter cutesy colors. Spring fashion with jumpsuits, skirts, and sun dresses are calling my name. Speaking of Spring and the light colorful colors that are associated with it, CHANEL does a different take on Spring with pearl inspired in their new collection. As you've seen everywhere on the net, BLACK PEARL Nail Vernis is the focal point of their Spring Collection. Very odd that darker colors are in the collection, but the iridescent pearl effect just works with spring colors such as corals and pinks.

Palette indoors

  Ombree Perlees de Chanel is an eyeshadow quint that is limited edition. The colors are more of a creamy texture rather than powder. In the pan it looks gorgeous and is similar to different colors of true pearls with many dimension to the color. I must say that CHANEL making it a limited edition is very smart move because there are no DUPES for theses colors anywhere. The quality of specs incorporated into each color is astounding. But does that make the palette a must have???

Palette in Sunlight 

   In my opinion it is could very easily be a pass if you ask me. I know there are so many raves and hypes about this quint just because it is very different from other CHANEL eyeshadows/products but I think the quality pay off on the lids do not live up to everyones expectation. The pigmentation is just too light. Even though, below you will be able to see the swatches, these are actually heavily swatched using the sponge applicator provided by the palette. If you were to use a brush, which I imagine many of us would... the colors do not apply very well. I find it difficult to just use the sponge for most of my applications because it isn't as precise. If you have fair skin I think this would look better on you than it would on anyone with a bit of color. Having a very light canvas and blue or green eyes will work with this palette better. With that said I am saying it would look better in those conditions, but not to the expectations of $65 UD. I wish the colors were similar to the colors in the pain or at least in my swatches but it was just too hard to work with and I do not think it is worth it. 

  I did try to take pictures in the sunlight as well as in different positions for you to see the different shimmers and pearl effect in the shadows. Keep in mind this is heavily swatched with the sponge applicator. This is NOT how it would look if you were to use it with a brush on your lids even with a primer. 

In natural lighting (Direct Sunlight)

Indoors with FLASH

Indoors with Natural Light (No FLASH)

   The last photo, which is indoors without light is almost true to color as it would be on your lids. I tried using multiple primers such as MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, Urban Decay Potion, Lancome Ombre Perfectur, etc. and it just didn't do that much for the shadows. I am disappointed in this item really and decided to go see other reviews... unfortunately everyone else liked it. I have no idea how? Maybe they are like me with some products and are in denial because of the brand status or the packaging perhaps? Or maybe I'm missing something here... Let me know how you like yours or if you've tried it out. 

Thanks for reading and good day! 

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Congrats to the winners and its ok if you didn't win. I will have more giveaways so be patient and wait til next time! Thank you for all of your support and love!

Winners I will send you a message via inbox if you are subscriber and via email if you are a follower. Please send me your information as soon as possible.

  I also made a Demo/How to use the OPI SHATTER. Maybe it can help you with applying your OPI Shatter, China Glaze Crackle, or even Barry M Nail Effect. I also mention some ways to help your nail polish from chipping and lasting longer. Hope you watch and let me know if it was helpful.

   Here are some pictures of the new pictures I took with the OPI Shatter in the sun. Teenage Dream is the color underneath, which is also from the Katy Perry Collection. Hope you can see the different colors and sizes of glitter and sparkles under the Shatter. I think this is the best color to go under OPI Shatter, what do you think?