Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yay! The weekend is here and to make it better there's so many variety of costumes, makeup, hair, and CANDY!

I did two looks... Cleopatra and Fairytale Masquerade.

CLEOPATRA look was inspired by her beauty and confidence. I love her make up and especially the layers of gold accessories. All you need for this look is a darker foundation, dramatic eyes, and lots of gold accents. I incorporated gold into the eyes, cheeks, and lips to tie in the whole look. Yes , I did cut my bangs for this look and I think it really complete the look. You do NOT have to cut yours. :) There are so many wigs out there or you can get bang clip- ons from your nearest beauty supply store. This is an easy costume to put together. There are so many dollar stores that will have gold jewelry to pick from. I got mine off of ebay and some from goodwill/thirft stores. Well, here's the look!


If you didn't have time to put together a look as well as didn't think you were going to do anything for Halloween it is really easy to whip something up. Not only is this look easy, fast, and cheap but you will definitely not look like anyone else. You can make the mask to your own preferences and keep it for the next Halloween. Here is my All in One Halloween Fairytale Masquerade; hair, mask, makeup, costume how to do it yourself. Here it goes!

Happy Halloween to everyone and hope that these how tos will help make your halloween more special.

Have fun and be safe! 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock & Republic Swatches cont'd


Here we are again with some more Rock & Republic cosmetics that just came in the mail. I wanted to do a "Open box" video so that you all can see what my first impression as well as see the way it is carefully packaged. Unfortunately, FedEx comes to my house at almost 7pm every time and the lighting was horrible. Alright here are 8 eyeshadows, 3 lipglosses, and 1 pressed powder. Again, I am blown away from the products and its quality.

Pressed Powder: Comparison to MAC Studio Fix

MAC Studio Fix in C4 vs R&R in Satin
   OMG, I think I am in love again! I know, I know you all are extremely tired of me raving about these products, but I love R&R pressed powder. This is the only product I was extremely worried about because R&R website pictures are HORRIBLE. I did not know if the color was a good match for me. BUT... It is even better than my MAC Studio Fix in C4. Satin is a warm yellow undertone. I wear a NC 28-30 and sometimes 35 and this powder would work for all of those. I hope that helps you all make the decision on whether it is a good match for your skintone. The texture is much more fine than MAC's  but that does not mean it is very loose. It's compact and when you use it with a wet brush it can be layered as a foundation.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Lipgloss - Favorite of all times! As great as the blushes.

Blended & Intense Swatches: 
Drama Queen, Loudmouth, Cougar
     This is the best lipgloss I have ever used hands down. The reason it is my favorite may not be the same for you because everyone's preferences are different. The texture is smooth and NOT STICKY AND NO SMELL!! I would always use it with a chapstick or lipbalm underneath. The color can be very nice when applied thinly or pile on very thick for an intense look. (Note: The blended swatch is paired with an intense swatch so that you can compare how it will be) The lipgloss is more like a stain texture because it is more liquify, but does not leave your lips stained when u wipe it off. After eating and talking for hours the color did not last as well, but did leave a even and beautiful stain color on my lips. 
(True  Red no Shimmer with a Deep Blue Undertone)

( Fushia- Hot Pink with no Shimmer)

(Peachy Pink with fine Gold Shimmer)

    My first impression when I opened these colors was, "Oh gosh, they all look the same." But when I swatched it... they were completely different! If you are a warm neutral person, I think R&R color choices for eyeshadows are for you. If you like vibrant and fun colors then I do not think you will be satisfy with their color selection. Even the brightest colors such as "Electric" turn out to be a warm wearable blue, not over the top at all. Every color can be an everyday wear. All of the colors are not matte and they do have a settle shimmer. On the lid, the shimmer does not show up unless used with a primer. 

Skintight, Sabbotage, Diffused, Snakeskin, 
Ammo, Lost, Nailed, Electric

Skintight= Great highlight color
Diffused= Beautiful all over lid color

Hope this wasn't too overwhelming. 
Tell tomorrow! Have a good day :) 


Monday, October 25, 2010

50% off Rock & Republic Cosmetics

Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I would like to present you with the best gift I could give you... promotion codes for Rock & Republic cosmetics. Everyone may already know how great R&R cosmetics are especially their blushes, but the price and availibility may be holding you back. I would never reccommend a product that I do not truly believe is the best out there and is very suitable for everyone of any skintype. I cannot stress out how much I am in love with R&R cosmetics!!! AH is having another one of their Beauty Blowouts and R&R cosmetics is one among other brands that will be featured in this event on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 @ 10 Est. All products are approximately 50% off. This is a great deal considering the blushes are $40 and eyeshadows are $28. Sign up to be a member of this website for FREE. If you would like me to invite you please leave me an email with your name. When you email me I will also put you in my R&R Giveaway for next month. :)

Here is my video on this spectacular event as well as review on the products.

   You can also purchase R&R cosmetics on their website of course, but the blushes are sold out at the moment and the other products are limited. Don't worry because they will restock soon and are in the process of making new colors for the new season!
    There are many options to get a great discount. First, you can sign up to be on their emailing list in order to get updates on new items and clearance sales. (10% off first order code will be sent to you via email). Second, you can refer others to be a member of R&R's website and with their first $75 dollars purchase you will receive $25 AND they will receive $25 on their next purchase. You can email me for an invite and I will again, add you in the R&R cosmetic giveaway. Lastly, you can get 50% off on R&R website with this promotion code: RockCosmetics .
(Many people believe that this code have expired, but I just used it two days ago and it WORKS!)

A little inside scoop:
   If you get the $25 dollars off and use the RockCosmetics code two blushes will only be $15 versus the original price of $80 for two blushes. On top of that the shipping is only 99 cents. I think this is the best deal because you will never run out of the product because you get 9 grams, great quality product and packaging, and for a better price then drugstore cosmetics.

Here are the true colors of each blush with a short description. 
See the end of page for swatches.

All-Nighter (Bright Coral with Gold Shimmer) 

X-rated (Matte Deep Fushia Pink)
Kinky (Matte Bright Pink)
(Reddish Brown with Shimmer- Darker Deep Throat from NARS)
Bedroom (Matte peachy pink)

Recap: All-nighter, X-rated, Kinky, Lust, Bedroom

SWATCHES: All-nighter, X-rated, Kinky, Lust, Bedroom
(Swatched with fingers and blended)

   I also purchased some eyeshadows, but only 3 came in for now. The lastest I will put up the rest will be Wednesday because it is suppose to come in tomorrow! Yay! Here is what I have so far:

(Shimmery Pearl White with a Pink undertone)
(Gold with Medium Shimmer)
(Army Green with Medium Shimmer)
Right: Bare skin/ Left: With PRIMER

   Ok junkies, I hope that the video and these swatches help you make your decision on what to "snatch" at the...
  BeautyStory event Friday, October 29th.
Sign up now and be fast! Also, keep an eye on the cosmetics on the R&R website for restocks. I will have the rest of my orders up as soon as possible. I promise to have it up before the event. Eyeshadows, face powders, lipglosses, oh my! 

Good luck!
<3 Jen

Come back soon for the R&R giveaway!