Friday, October 15, 2010

Lancôme Gift Set @ Dillards


If you missed the last gift set from Lancome well here it is... Lancome is having another one of their great gift sets with a purchse of $32.50. I suggest checking out their eye makeup remover as well as their Color Design Lipsticks. The gift set comes with a cute bag and more importantly, you get to pick 6 out of 11 products for FREE!!

The colors are different from my Lancome Haul Video considering it was a transition from Summer into Fall. These new colors are more of a Fall and Winter collection. I love the two lipstick colors and definitely the eyeshadow quad. This is a great way to try out new products for free!

Hurry to Dillards for the gift set before supplies are out of stock.Go to the website to preview what products you can pick from. ( pick 6 out of 11)

Jen <3

Fix Broken Makeup

Hi Low!

    Do you waste money on makeup? Especially when it's because you keep accidentally knocking it off your vanity or just throwing it in your cosmetic bags? Well, you don't have to stop all of that, just find a way to fix the broken makeup. The two things I break most often are my eyeshadows and blushes. Also, my makeup compact and palettes usually run low and then the oil from my brushes or my fingers make them harder to apply when there is so little product left. So... what shall you do??

    Well this is what I usually do to fix my broken makeup as well as make the last bits of eyeshadow or blushes useful. I also love using my pigments to customize my eyeshadows to my skin tone and preferences. 

Alright, have fun experimenting and be careful.

Good luck and take care!
<3 Jen

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starstruck & Sneak Peek of MAC Tartan Tale Holiday Collection


   Ok, first off I would like to say something amazing happened to me today that made my day! If I decided to go eat in the mall and considered my bf's hunger before going to Nordstrom to look at makeup, I wouldn't have bumped into two wonderful things! I got to meet Karla Sugar. She is one of the reasons why I even got  into makeup and then into blogging and youtube. She was very nice and down to earth! Couldn't imagine someone that talked so much about makeup could look so pretty with not much on. She is those lucky ones that uses makeup to enhance rather than for coverage. Well that was my starstruck moment!! :) I couldn't stop smiling.

  The second amazing thing was the showroom of MAC Tartan Tale Holiday Collection. Luckily Karla came by and Katie, the MAC makeup artist, asked her to come back to the showroom. So sweet of Katie to be nice enough to ask me to come along. Katie was in the middle of arranging and it wasn't ready until this weekend I believe. Believe me, I was so overwhelmed. Karla in the room and a holiday collection by MAC all at once!

Launch date for this new line is 10.28.2010 
You should call your local MAC stores for information on Pre-sales. Like in the Venomous Villains Haul I've mentioned, you get to pick out everything you want prior to the launch date and leave your credit card number. A day before the launch date they will charge your card and keep them for you to pick up on the launch date. This insures that the products you want will not be sold out as well as not having others hover you on that busy day searching for stuff.

Here are the eyeshadow palettes:

And here is the one of the lip palettes... the other one is different shades of pink.

 This is the pigments, blush, eyeshadow, nail lacquer, dazzelcream lipglosses, and lipstick display.

 The BEST for last... Brush sets! The bags are cross-body bags ( Price is lower than $50)

 These palettes and sets will be great for holiday gifts for family and friends. But be quick! Beat the crowd and go to the pre-sale.

Good luck!
Jen :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Curl Hair Using Your Straightener

Good evening guys and dolls!

   Why get a straightener AND a curling iron when you can save the money for cosmetics and fashion? I use my straightener for everything (ironing small clothes even) and one of my favorite things is using it to curl my hair! Yes curl.... 

   It's as easy as straightening your hair. I know there are a lot of tutorials out there that teach you different ways to curl your hair with a straightener, but I hope my how to video will help you even more. Don't be intimidated because you think you're not a hair stylist. It really is easy.

It' a sassy look that can upscale your outfit any day! 
Good luck and have fun practicing! 

Jen :) 

P.S. Comment on my channel if you'd like to see a 
How to: Wavy Beach Hair with a Straightener