Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog Special: Lancôme Beauty Set Review

Ok, so I didn't do a video on the Lancome Beauty Box for the reason being I did not have the box in my posession. I was very excited for Lancome's holiday gift sets and especially for the Beauty Box. The difference between their regular gift sets and the Beauty Box is that you actually have to purchase the box, but for a cheaper price. For any purchases at all, it doesn't matter the price, you can purchase the Beauty Box for $49.50.

Why pay for a gift set? Well, every product is actually full size. I believe Lancome calls it deluxe. It is a good deal if you think about it... one Color Design Eyeshadow Quad is already $40 or more and then you're getting the Bi-Facil (my fav) makeup remover, 3 lipstick, Kohl eyeliner, 2 brushes, 2 juicy tubes, and a blush duo. The only down side to that is if you do not like anything in the box except for one item. That is actually my own experience. I only liked the bag itself and the Bi-Facil. Overall, I would have to say that it isn't a good deal if you are forcing yourself to buy it just because of the retail price on the package or the fact that it's a bigger set then a usual Lancome gift set. :) You get to pick from two collection, Glamour or Party Pink. Glamour is a neutral ( how ironic) that consist of warm browns, coral, etc. Of course I stayed on the safer side and got the Glamour collection.

Lipstick... well you get three. All are full size but the packaging of them are still tester style. If you like sheen lipsticks then they are great! I do not like sheen because it is a colorless frost on my lips. Especially with my crevices it only enhances it. The only color I like is... Sugar Maple because the darkness of the color blends away the sheen look. I would have to say PASS!

Eyeshadow Quad... Seems like the perfect neutrals. Has dark matte brown, pink-goal, matte vanilla, and a matte white. I used the eyeshadow with Lancome's Primer Ombre Perfecteur and the colors did not show up very well. It kind of reminds me of L'Oreal's quality and it doesn't surprise me because they are from the same company. I have never had really good pigmentation from Lancome's eyeshadows and with this quad it was to the extreme. It was my experience but maybe if you used it with Urban Decay's Primer Potion it would be better. Overall I did not like it.

The two brushes are a face brush and the other is a eyeshadow brush. Both are died red for a holiday look and I absolutely love the idea. Unfortunately they shed and the quality was bad. No product could be picked up by the brushes sufficiently. The brushes were not dense enough. Lancome really disappointed me this time. Usually their brushes and gifts are great.

The blush duo that came with the Glamour collection was coral and very gold shimmery. I will have to say there was more gold. The blush seemed more like a highlighter and the cream highlighter was much darker then the blush. VERY ODD! I wanted to like it because I love blush but the pigmentation as well as mill was poor.

The bag itself was ok... I have seen better quality from Lancome the previous years. This one is cute base on the contrast of the red lining and the black, but it is fabric and it will get dirty with makeup as well as not last long. Inside there are not many compartments. There are only 2 and that is simply not enough!

The only thing I liked from my Beauty Box was the Kohl liner and the Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. I have always used these two products from Lancome and the quality was the same in the box.

Overall I will have to say the quality seemed to be different and was not worth it. I rather pick and chose the right colors and items for myself from Lancome instead of following the high of gift sets. The reason why I do not have the box anymore is because I had to return it. I felt guilty for having makeup I did not like. I have a large enough collection and do not need to add more of products I do not truly love.

I hope that your experience with this year's Beauty Box is better and this is strictly my own opinion. But I also hope that my review helped you make your decision on purchasing it for as a gift.

And til next time!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle of the Drugstore Liquid Liners and Mousse Foundation

Hello there!

Here are my holy grail drugstore products that I use on a regular basis. I cannot say enough how much I love L'Oreal's Liquid Lineur Intense and Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse Foundation. Well, how do you know it is good for you? Or what if you're using other similar products and wanting to try out these? I've decided to do a new segment on my channel call... Battle of the... which will feature two similar products and I will introduce the pros and cons and tell you which one I actually am using at the moment. The goal of this new fun segment is to just inform my watchers and readers on the products differences and hope that it will be helpful for you to make the decision. I am trying it out on my own interest and I am not paid to do so, therefore my opinions are very honest. I hope it is helpful and please let me know on my video of more products you would like to see on Battle of the...

Please let me know if you have any suggestions via email: Emjustlikeyou@gmail.com or simply leave me a comment on the video.

Till next time 
J :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Friday:Rock & Republic GiveAWAY!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I want to give you more things to be thankful for! I was inspired by the upcoming holidays and it is the right time for giving. I know Rock and Republic Cosmetics have been so hard to find ever since I started to rant and rave about it on my blog and two videos. Hautelook just had a sale and all of the blushes are sold out and the R&R website have not restocked yet.

To get in the spirit of giving and I will be having a Black Friday GiveAWAY on Rock and Republic cosmetics. There will be two prizes and of course two winners. All you will need to do is subscribe to my YouTube channel EMJUSTLIKEYOU by Thanksgiving night, November 25th @ 11pm Central Time and I will announce the winner on Black Friday via video. This Giveaway is only open to the U.S. I will try to make my next one open for world wide. Sorry :(

You will have an option on which prize, if you are the first one drawn randomly by the "slot machine" on the website that I will be using, just to keep it fair.

For swatches of the prize products' colors please view LATE October's Blogs title Rock&Republic.

Good luck. More info is on my video below!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yay! The weekend is here and to make it better there's so many variety of costumes, makeup, hair, and CANDY!

I did two looks... Cleopatra and Fairytale Masquerade.

CLEOPATRA look was inspired by her beauty and confidence. I love her make up and especially the layers of gold accessories. All you need for this look is a darker foundation, dramatic eyes, and lots of gold accents. I incorporated gold into the eyes, cheeks, and lips to tie in the whole look. Yes , I did cut my bangs for this look and I think it really complete the look. You do NOT have to cut yours. :) There are so many wigs out there or you can get bang clip- ons from your nearest beauty supply store. This is an easy costume to put together. There are so many dollar stores that will have gold jewelry to pick from. I got mine off of ebay and some from goodwill/thirft stores. Well, here's the look!


If you didn't have time to put together a look as well as didn't think you were going to do anything for Halloween it is really easy to whip something up. Not only is this look easy, fast, and cheap but you will definitely not look like anyone else. You can make the mask to your own preferences and keep it for the next Halloween. Here is my All in One Halloween Fairytale Masquerade; hair, mask, makeup, costume how to do it yourself. Here it goes!

Happy Halloween to everyone and hope that these how tos will help make your halloween more special.

Have fun and be safe! 


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rock & Republic Swatches cont'd


Here we are again with some more Rock & Republic cosmetics that just came in the mail. I wanted to do a "Open box" video so that you all can see what my first impression as well as see the way it is carefully packaged. Unfortunately, FedEx comes to my house at almost 7pm every time and the lighting was horrible. Alright here are 8 eyeshadows, 3 lipglosses, and 1 pressed powder. Again, I am blown away from the products and its quality.

Pressed Powder: Comparison to MAC Studio Fix

MAC Studio Fix in C4 vs R&R in Satin
   OMG, I think I am in love again! I know, I know you all are extremely tired of me raving about these products, but I love R&R pressed powder. This is the only product I was extremely worried about because R&R website pictures are HORRIBLE. I did not know if the color was a good match for me. BUT... It is even better than my MAC Studio Fix in C4. Satin is a warm yellow undertone. I wear a NC 28-30 and sometimes 35 and this powder would work for all of those. I hope that helps you all make the decision on whether it is a good match for your skintone. The texture is much more fine than MAC's  but that does not mean it is very loose. It's compact and when you use it with a wet brush it can be layered as a foundation.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Lipgloss - Favorite of all times! As great as the blushes.

Blended & Intense Swatches: 
Drama Queen, Loudmouth, Cougar
     This is the best lipgloss I have ever used hands down. The reason it is my favorite may not be the same for you because everyone's preferences are different. The texture is smooth and NOT STICKY AND NO SMELL!! I would always use it with a chapstick or lipbalm underneath. The color can be very nice when applied thinly or pile on very thick for an intense look. (Note: The blended swatch is paired with an intense swatch so that you can compare how it will be) The lipgloss is more like a stain texture because it is more liquify, but does not leave your lips stained when u wipe it off. After eating and talking for hours the color did not last as well, but did leave a even and beautiful stain color on my lips. 
(True  Red no Shimmer with a Deep Blue Undertone)

( Fushia- Hot Pink with no Shimmer)

(Peachy Pink with fine Gold Shimmer)

    My first impression when I opened these colors was, "Oh gosh, they all look the same." But when I swatched it... they were completely different! If you are a warm neutral person, I think R&R color choices for eyeshadows are for you. If you like vibrant and fun colors then I do not think you will be satisfy with their color selection. Even the brightest colors such as "Electric" turn out to be a warm wearable blue, not over the top at all. Every color can be an everyday wear. All of the colors are not matte and they do have a settle shimmer. On the lid, the shimmer does not show up unless used with a primer. 

Skintight, Sabbotage, Diffused, Snakeskin, 
Ammo, Lost, Nailed, Electric

Skintight= Great highlight color
Diffused= Beautiful all over lid color

Hope this wasn't too overwhelming. 
Tell tomorrow! Have a good day :) 


Monday, October 25, 2010

50% off Rock & Republic Cosmetics

Ladies and Gentlemen!

    I would like to present you with the best gift I could give you... promotion codes for Rock & Republic cosmetics. Everyone may already know how great R&R cosmetics are especially their blushes, but the price and availibility may be holding you back. I would never reccommend a product that I do not truly believe is the best out there and is very suitable for everyone of any skintype. I cannot stress out how much I am in love with R&R cosmetics!!! AH

  BeautySTORY.com is having another one of their Beauty Blowouts and R&R cosmetics is one among other brands that will be featured in this event on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010 @ 10 Est. All products are approximately 50% off. This is a great deal considering the blushes are $40 and eyeshadows are $28. Sign up to be a member of this website for FREE. If you would like me to invite you please leave me an email with your name. When you email me I will also put you in my R&R Giveaway for next month. :)

Here is my video on this spectacular event as well as review on the products.

   You can also purchase R&R cosmetics on their website of course, but the blushes are sold out at the moment and the other products are limited. Don't worry because they will restock soon and are in the process of making new colors for the new season!
    There are many options to get a great discount. First, you can sign up to be on their emailing list in order to get updates on new items and clearance sales. (10% off first order code will be sent to you via email). Second, you can refer others to be a member of R&R's website and with their first $75 dollars purchase you will receive $25 AND they will receive $25 on their next purchase. You can email me for an invite and I will again, add you in the R&R cosmetic giveaway. Lastly, you can get 50% off on R&R website with this promotion code: RockCosmetics .
(Many people believe that this code have expired, but I just used it two days ago and it WORKS!)

A little inside scoop:
   If you get the $25 dollars off and use the RockCosmetics code two blushes will only be $15 versus the original price of $80 for two blushes. On top of that the shipping is only 99 cents. I think this is the best deal because you will never run out of the product because you get 9 grams, great quality product and packaging, and for a better price then drugstore cosmetics.

Here are the true colors of each blush with a short description. 
See the end of page for swatches.

All-Nighter (Bright Coral with Gold Shimmer) 

X-rated (Matte Deep Fushia Pink)
Kinky (Matte Bright Pink)
(Reddish Brown with Shimmer- Darker Deep Throat from NARS)
Bedroom (Matte peachy pink)

Recap: All-nighter, X-rated, Kinky, Lust, Bedroom

SWATCHES: All-nighter, X-rated, Kinky, Lust, Bedroom
(Swatched with fingers and blended)

   I also purchased some eyeshadows, but only 3 came in for now. The lastest I will put up the rest will be Wednesday because it is suppose to come in tomorrow! Yay! Here is what I have so far:

(Shimmery Pearl White with a Pink undertone)
(Gold with Medium Shimmer)
(Army Green with Medium Shimmer)
Right: Bare skin/ Left: With PRIMER

   Ok junkies, I hope that the video and these swatches help you make your decision on what to "snatch" at the...
  BeautyStory event Friday, October 29th.
Sign up now and be fast! Also, keep an eye on the cosmetics on the R&R website for restocks. I will have the rest of my orders up as soon as possible. I promise to have it up before the event. Eyeshadows, face powders, lipglosses, oh my! 

Good luck!
<3 Jen

Come back soon for the R&R giveaway!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lancôme Gift Set @ Dillards


If you missed the last gift set from Lancome well here it is... Lancome is having another one of their great gift sets with a purchse of $32.50. I suggest checking out their eye makeup remover as well as their Color Design Lipsticks. The gift set comes with a cute bag and more importantly, you get to pick 6 out of 11 products for FREE!!

The colors are different from my Lancome Haul Video considering it was a transition from Summer into Fall. These new colors are more of a Fall and Winter collection. I love the two lipstick colors and definitely the eyeshadow quad. This is a great way to try out new products for free!

Hurry to Dillards for the gift set before supplies are out of stock.Go to the website to preview what products you can pick from. ( pick 6 out of 11)

Jen <3

Fix Broken Makeup

Hi Low!

    Do you waste money on makeup? Especially when it's because you keep accidentally knocking it off your vanity or just throwing it in your cosmetic bags? Well, you don't have to stop all of that, just find a way to fix the broken makeup. The two things I break most often are my eyeshadows and blushes. Also, my makeup compact and palettes usually run low and then the oil from my brushes or my fingers make them harder to apply when there is so little product left. So... what shall you do??

    Well this is what I usually do to fix my broken makeup as well as make the last bits of eyeshadow or blushes useful. I also love using my pigments to customize my eyeshadows to my skin tone and preferences. 

Alright, have fun experimenting and be careful.

Good luck and take care!
<3 Jen

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Starstruck & Sneak Peek of MAC Tartan Tale Holiday Collection


   Ok, first off I would like to say something amazing happened to me today that made my day! If I decided to go eat in the mall and considered my bf's hunger before going to Nordstrom to look at makeup, I wouldn't have bumped into two wonderful things! I got to meet Karla Sugar. She is one of the reasons why I even got  into makeup and then into blogging and youtube. She was very nice and down to earth! Couldn't imagine someone that talked so much about makeup could look so pretty with not much on. She is those lucky ones that uses makeup to enhance rather than for coverage. Well that was my starstruck moment!! :) I couldn't stop smiling.

  The second amazing thing was the showroom of MAC Tartan Tale Holiday Collection. Luckily Karla came by and Katie, the MAC makeup artist, asked her to come back to the showroom. So sweet of Katie to be nice enough to ask me to come along. Katie was in the middle of arranging and it wasn't ready until this weekend I believe. Believe me, I was so overwhelmed. Karla in the room and a holiday collection by MAC all at once!

Launch date for this new line is 10.28.2010 
You should call your local MAC stores for information on Pre-sales. Like in the Venomous Villains Haul I've mentioned, you get to pick out everything you want prior to the launch date and leave your credit card number. A day before the launch date they will charge your card and keep them for you to pick up on the launch date. This insures that the products you want will not be sold out as well as not having others hover you on that busy day searching for stuff.

Here are the eyeshadow palettes:

And here is the one of the lip palettes... the other one is different shades of pink.

 This is the pigments, blush, eyeshadow, nail lacquer, dazzelcream lipglosses, and lipstick display.

 The BEST for last... Brush sets! The bags are cross-body bags ( Price is lower than $50)

 These palettes and sets will be great for holiday gifts for family and friends. But be quick! Beat the crowd and go to the pre-sale.

Good luck!
Jen :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Curl Hair Using Your Straightener

Good evening guys and dolls!

   Why get a straightener AND a curling iron when you can save the money for cosmetics and fashion? I use my straightener for everything (ironing small clothes even) and one of my favorite things is using it to curl my hair! Yes curl.... 

   It's as easy as straightening your hair. I know there are a lot of tutorials out there that teach you different ways to curl your hair with a straightener, but I hope my how to video will help you even more. Don't be intimidated because you think you're not a hair stylist. It really is easy.

It' a sassy look that can upscale your outfit any day! 
Good luck and have fun practicing! 

Jen :) 

P.S. Comment on my channel if you'd like to see a 
How to: Wavy Beach Hair with a Straightener

Friday, October 8, 2010

GoodWill Haul

Hi! -_- 

    I'm a little frustrated with YouTube and their way of choosing thumbnails... should be named "dumbnails" instead hehe. They always make me look super silly. Maybe who ever that is choosing it get a kick out of it. Just kidding, I know it is randomly chosen or actually there is a program that is set to do that. I heard that you can actually figure out how they calculate the screenshots that they will chose. I guess it is a good thing for us somehow.
   Anyways, back to the nice me. Fall and winter fashion is here and I do not want to get a brand new wardrobe. Unless you stocked up when the stores were cleaning out their fall and winter clothes during the spring, you cannot find a good deal on them. Of course you can wear stuff you have already, but mixing things you already own and NEW things is the fun and exciting part. hehe

  Alright, enough of me babbling on about how great it is... see it for yourself!

  Well someone's old stuff can be your new stuff. Or as people say it, "Someone's trash can be someone's treasure". GoodWill is a great way to not only donate stuff you are tired of or do not fit anymore, but it is a great way to find cheap stuff. Some stereotypical people might think it is only for poor people, but the GoodWill Store actually uses the stuff you donate to get money for the needy. So you can help them out more than one way. The stuff at GoodWill are great and very forgiving to our wallets.
  I usually donate my stuff to GoodWill at the end of each season, but my biggest donation is at the end fo the year. This is also a great way to recycle your clothes. Don't throw it out, why would you throw away money?
  But keep in mind that finding great things at GoodWill is luck. You cannot depend on my haul or words for assurance that you will find something great. You have to be hopeful and have patience.
  I go back every month or whenever I have time. My strategy is to go before they have the 50% off weekend sales once a month. Because if you're unlucky and go after the sale everything is gone. But if you go a little pass that day then new inventory is available.
  I hope that this video will help inspire you to go out there and find great deals on "new" fall and winter fashion. You don't have to find the newest stuff to be trendy. Use your creativity to make the clothes your style. That in my opinion is stylish.

** Remember to make sure if the location you plan on going to is either a donation drop-off or a store.

Good luck with that and see you soon!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Early Christmas... Rock & Republic "Bedroom" Blush!

Hi again! 
I know it is quite early for Christmas, but I could not wait to purchase my first Rock & Republic Blush. I've heard so many great reviews and swatches on http://karlasugar.net/  and you know my obsession with blush. You can never have too many ;) It is pricey, but signing up for Rock & Republic's emailing list I got 10% off as well as their 99 cent shipping promotion. Not to mention shipping was FAST!

    Why do I say it is early Christmas? Waiting on FedEx was overwhelming, but once I heard that door bell ring I raced down the stairs while cheering for the arrival like it was Christmas morning racing down to the tree. Don't worry our FedEx and UPS guy is use to it. 

Cutting open the box and unwrapping the package was ...just the beginning of it! 

(Love the logo sticker)

The handling of the package was nicely done because the blush was not broken or damaged. The box that the package came in was very fancy. A little bulky, but it is over the top! (Which reflects the price I paid) Sorry for the shadowing and lighting... I was too excited before I opened it and my camera battery was low to even notice.

And Taaa DaAAaa!!!! :)))

Oooo AhhHh...

   Finally in my hands, I was so afraid to open it because all that have led up to it have not disappointment me. The package of the product is heavy and luxurious feeling. I wouldn't carry it around as a compact just because there is no need to with the quality of the blush and the size of the compact.

  Isn't it gorgeous? I love it so much! The color is matte with a little hint of coral and a pink. I always go for colors like this, but this is IT! It is the one I will use everyday. The color is build able for a night time look and it is definitely a color anyone of any skin tone can wear for any time of the day. I think it is a great natural look and very flattering. The pigmentation of the color is just unbelievable. There is 9 grams of product which is about 2 times more product than NARS blushes. But you don't even need to swirl your brush into it for good pick-up. Just a tap or two will do. So with that said, the amount of product given and the amount of product needed is worth the money, you will NEVER run out! The finish is very smooth/silky and not powdery. I cannot say if it lasts well because I have not tried it out for a whole day. I am definitely going back and buying more of the colors!!! I do not want to go crazy and stock up, but they did go out of stock for a few months this summer...SCARY!

- That will be on my OCTOBER HITS& MISSES Video. Hehe :O
 I will then review the product as well! 
 But if you cannot wait.... Go onto my favorite blogger http://karlasugar.net/  for more swatches from this collection.
Till then,