Friday, February 25, 2011


   The OPI Shatter is from the Katy Perry Collection is one of the most raved about nail polish out there right now. It is a polish that you use on top of your desired nail polish color and it will give the effected of shattered glass. The pattern is always different depending on how you apply it as well as how much you apply. It takes some time to get use to how to apply it but it is definitely easier than polishing your nails the usual way. I believe the polish might consist of a lot of thinner and some type of oil substance for the polish to separate and clump in some areas. In my experience as a manicurist for about 7 years, when there is excess oil on your nail bed the polish tends to not cover the surface well, but instead separates. 

   My opinion, comparing the OPI Shatter and the China Glaze Crackle I like the Shatter by OPI much better because it is higher quality. It also might be the fact that it is black so the color stands out better, but with the separating effect OPI does a better job. I find that the China Glaze Crackle gives you larger pieces of the color you are using rather than showing mostly the main color you have underneath. I suggest using a top coat after the Shatter unless you like the matte finish, which I think is kind of gross.                                          

    I thought this is a cool concept, but unfortunately the credit should be given to COVERGIRL because about a decade ago they came out with the same concept just poorly advertise and maybe the quality wasn't as great. Maybe this isn't for you and definitely I think it is totally not something I would rock all the time, but it is really fun to have and especially fun to show others the "magic".If you're a design or nail decal kind of girl this is the easiest way to get that without the hassle and time.  

   So I decided any girl would like this and because I have had such great subscribers supporting me on my channel as well as my blog I wanted to do a giveaway. The giveaway starts today and ends right before spring break, which is MARCH 13. All you have to do is to be a subscriber to my channel on youtube: EMJUSTLIKEYOU. If you want to be entered twice then just follow me on my blog as well. Either way you will be entered into the GIVEAWAY automatically. This is strictly for my supports because I appreciate your feedbacks, love, and encouragement. 

** There will be two winners and each winner will get a brand new OPI Shatter... also, there will be extra surprise that I will not spoil until the announcement of the winners video comes out. 

     I will have a video announcing the GIVEAWAY with my quick review on the OPI Shatter Polish and then I will also have a video announcing the WINNERS with my quick demo and HOW TO apply this polish for your desired look. 

    Here are some pictures I took using two different types of polish under the SHATTER. There is a dark one and a light one with sparkles. I think for my own preference the SHATTER shows up better with a glittery or shimmery polish under. You can be the judge on that.