Friday, April 22, 2011

Prom on a Budget: How to Makeup & Hair

It's prom season and I'm getting so excited for everyone! It's always fun to have an event to look forward to, especially getting glammed up. I know it has probably been crazy with dress shopping and buying tickets. I don't know about now but when I was in high school (4 years ago)... tickets were almost 200 so I couldn't imagine now! So... I decided to do a Prom on a Budget Hair and Makeup to help you all with some expenses AND you can have some fun doing it.

   I decided to use taupe colors for the eyes because it is really complimenting on any eyecolor AND more importantly for Prom it will compliment any dress color. Taupe is an in- between color of purple and brown so it can really go both cool or warm.

   If you noticed this look is very subtle yet it enhances the eyes. Sometimes less is more and you don't want to have the focus on your eyeshadow... you want the focus on your eyes. This look is only used with budget friendly products you can find at your local drugstores. So... I hope this will help make your Prom Night or any other special event that much more magical!

   A long with a budget friendly makeup look, here is a great hair look too! I always find myself using this look for a night out and I ALWAYS get compliments. Just like a lot of hair styles people always look and wonder how did you create the look. Sometimes it's easier than you think. This look I've created will give you volume and a put together look without paying a cent. You can just do it on yourself! 

    And it's not simply just a one style tip of dilio. You can use this style to create other styles of your own. With different dresses there are many variety of neck lines that can be a factor of how your hair should be. To flatter your dress and the whole look the hair do is very important. That is why I wanted to show you another style u can use with this look. 

  Hope you all found these Prom on a Budget tips helpful and make any night a little more magical! Enjoy your prom or any event you are going to :D