Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Yay! The weekend is here and to make it better there's so many variety of costumes, makeup, hair, and CANDY!

I did two looks... Cleopatra and Fairytale Masquerade.

CLEOPATRA look was inspired by her beauty and confidence. I love her make up and especially the layers of gold accessories. All you need for this look is a darker foundation, dramatic eyes, and lots of gold accents. I incorporated gold into the eyes, cheeks, and lips to tie in the whole look. Yes , I did cut my bangs for this look and I think it really complete the look. You do NOT have to cut yours. :) There are so many wigs out there or you can get bang clip- ons from your nearest beauty supply store. This is an easy costume to put together. There are so many dollar stores that will have gold jewelry to pick from. I got mine off of ebay and some from goodwill/thirft stores. Well, here's the look!


If you didn't have time to put together a look as well as didn't think you were going to do anything for Halloween it is really easy to whip something up. Not only is this look easy, fast, and cheap but you will definitely not look like anyone else. You can make the mask to your own preferences and keep it for the next Halloween. Here is my All in One Halloween Fairytale Masquerade; hair, mask, makeup, costume how to do it yourself. Here it goes!

Happy Halloween to everyone and hope that these how tos will help make your halloween more special.

Have fun and be safe!