Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blog Special: Lancôme Beauty Set Review

Ok, so I didn't do a video on the Lancome Beauty Box for the reason being I did not have the box in my posession. I was very excited for Lancome's holiday gift sets and especially for the Beauty Box. The difference between their regular gift sets and the Beauty Box is that you actually have to purchase the box, but for a cheaper price. For any purchases at all, it doesn't matter the price, you can purchase the Beauty Box for $49.50.

Why pay for a gift set? Well, every product is actually full size. I believe Lancome calls it deluxe. It is a good deal if you think about it... one Color Design Eyeshadow Quad is already $40 or more and then you're getting the Bi-Facil (my fav) makeup remover, 3 lipstick, Kohl eyeliner, 2 brushes, 2 juicy tubes, and a blush duo. The only down side to that is if you do not like anything in the box except for one item. That is actually my own experience. I only liked the bag itself and the Bi-Facil. Overall, I would have to say that it isn't a good deal if you are forcing yourself to buy it just because of the retail price on the package or the fact that it's a bigger set then a usual Lancome gift set. :) You get to pick from two collection, Glamour or Party Pink. Glamour is a neutral ( how ironic) that consist of warm browns, coral, etc. Of course I stayed on the safer side and got the Glamour collection.

Lipstick... well you get three. All are full size but the packaging of them are still tester style. If you like sheen lipsticks then they are great! I do not like sheen because it is a colorless frost on my lips. Especially with my crevices it only enhances it. The only color I like is... Sugar Maple because the darkness of the color blends away the sheen look. I would have to say PASS!

Eyeshadow Quad... Seems like the perfect neutrals. Has dark matte brown, pink-goal, matte vanilla, and a matte white. I used the eyeshadow with Lancome's Primer Ombre Perfecteur and the colors did not show up very well. It kind of reminds me of L'Oreal's quality and it doesn't surprise me because they are from the same company. I have never had really good pigmentation from Lancome's eyeshadows and with this quad it was to the extreme. It was my experience but maybe if you used it with Urban Decay's Primer Potion it would be better. Overall I did not like it.

The two brushes are a face brush and the other is a eyeshadow brush. Both are died red for a holiday look and I absolutely love the idea. Unfortunately they shed and the quality was bad. No product could be picked up by the brushes sufficiently. The brushes were not dense enough. Lancome really disappointed me this time. Usually their brushes and gifts are great.

The blush duo that came with the Glamour collection was coral and very gold shimmery. I will have to say there was more gold. The blush seemed more like a highlighter and the cream highlighter was much darker then the blush. VERY ODD! I wanted to like it because I love blush but the pigmentation as well as mill was poor.

The bag itself was ok... I have seen better quality from Lancome the previous years. This one is cute base on the contrast of the red lining and the black, but it is fabric and it will get dirty with makeup as well as not last long. Inside there are not many compartments. There are only 2 and that is simply not enough!

The only thing I liked from my Beauty Box was the Kohl liner and the Bi-Facil eye makeup remover. I have always used these two products from Lancome and the quality was the same in the box.

Overall I will have to say the quality seemed to be different and was not worth it. I rather pick and chose the right colors and items for myself from Lancome instead of following the high of gift sets. The reason why I do not have the box anymore is because I had to return it. I felt guilty for having makeup I did not like. I have a large enough collection and do not need to add more of products I do not truly love.

I hope that your experience with this year's Beauty Box is better and this is strictly my own opinion. But I also hope that my review helped you make your decision on purchasing it for as a gift.

And til next time!