Saturday, February 12, 2011

In LUCK! Bargain Shopping with Jen


I uploaded two videos today... my first official segment Bargain Shopping with Jennifer AND the requested Wonder Woman Haul. So, if you didn't want to read about it on my last post... you can simply be entertained by the video.

   Bargain Shopping with Jen is an idea I had after getting a lot of interest from my GoodWill Haul. People were asking me what other places do I go to and how did they not know of these places. Well I guess it's just that I've been doing this my whole life! SHOPPING, but once I started to pay for expenses on my own (detached from the HUMAN ATM... aka my parents) I had to be smarter on what I am spending on. It started after I discovered ROSS! Always heard from people that only "poor" people or those who cannot afford department store shops at ROSSWRONG!!! Ross is actually for people who are smart enough to know about stores like these and not depend on department stores to reassure them of their fashion taste. Just because the mannequin wears it doesn't mean it's stylish or fashion forward. Style is used to describe or characterize who you are. Are you a mannequin? BTW, the mannequin did not have a choice I the clothes it is wearing... YOU DO! I know so many people who don't show at other stores other than stores that are inside malls. Don't get me wrong, I do believe in "you get what you pay for", but if you CAN get it for cheaper why not? I feel like if I pay for something FULL price then I'm just dumb. Some slip ups that are worth it is ok, such as high quality purses lol.

  Stores like TJMAXX and Marshalls have great stuff because it's a "Hand- me- down" store, meaning what every that has to go or overstocked from department stores gets hand down to these discounted stores. Just keep in mind of the brands that you like and I KNOW you can find it there. Also, you just have to trust your style and taste as well as know how to mix match between low end and high end. Make it your own.

In the video, I mentioned Buffalo Exchange, which is a thrift store that is based on a trading system. Meaning... you can bring in your things that you no longer want or need and they will give you either credit to the store or cash. You can also shop there for other peoples' clothes. Don't think this is gross because you'll actually find vintage things and classics. "One's trash can be another's treasure". Clothes and accessories are pieces of art that need to be recycled. You can just throw away art! To make it more simple think of Buffalo Exchange like a Half Price Books store.

   I hope I've help you with your findings and good luck! Remember to stay tune for more Bargain Shopping with JENNIFER

Love Jen


  1. what foundation&color are you wearing? it looks great in photos!

  2. I'm wearing Maybelline's Smooth Mousse Foundation in Natural Beige. Applied with Sigma's Round Top Kabuki brush. I set it with Lancome's Dual Finish in Matte Nu II. Thanks for reading!!