Friday, March 4, 2011

Britney Spears "Hold it Against Me" Tutorial



   I got a request from a subscriber/viewer (Michelle Gill) on my facebook for the Britney Spear's look from her "Hold it Against Me" Music Video. The specific scene is the one she is in the white dress. I was so worried I couldn't do it because I didn't have light colored eyes and blonde hair, but I tried my best to break down what makes Britney's HIAM look unique. Trust me, it was hard because there aren't many screen shots on Google that was large enough and I had to continuously press pause and play on her video to see every angle of her eye makeup. Please keep in mind that me and Britney look nothing alike so the look is more like an inspirational look from Britney not how to look like Britney.

   In order to achieve Britney's look I think the most important thing to focus on is the shape of the eyeliner and how intense the color is. The eyeshadow is easy because you only need two colors and could probably just use one. As long as the crease is define at the outer and inner part. I noticed on YouTube people thought that the inner corner of Britney's eyes are "highlighted" with a dark color. I think her crease is larger so it makes it look that way. In order to give depth to your eyes and create a larger crease/lid you need to apply a darker matte brown to the area above the inner corner of your eyes. I mostly used the NAKED Palette from Urban Decay to achieve this look because I think it's one of the palette most people have or at least have the colors in them.

  The most important part is the liner. It is very dramatic and the wing is very long. The tip is thin yet the middle is very thick, therefore the effect is sad droopy eyes. My eyes are round so, I had to draw the liner longer and then fill it in between the top liner and the lower lash liner. You might not have notice but to make the look pop in the lights, Britney's liner has blue specs that make her eyes twinkle. I added a blue liner and blended it out with a gun metal color. To help with the look lashes are also important. Finding the perfect shape and type of lashes can really make a difference to each look. I choose Forever21 lashes for only 2.80 USD. You don't have to get high end lashes as long as you know what shape you're looking for. Britney's HIAM look have unnatural lashes that makes the eyes elongated. I got ones that are full as well as have a flare to the end. Britney's lower lashes are clumped together and are dark, so I bought lashes that are plastic and pointed. 

  In the video I couldn't see Britney's blush very well but I knew she did not have it on her apples but more to the side of her cheeks as contour. I used a rose color with brown undertones because the eyes are the focal point of the look (Bobbi Brown in Tawny #2). For the lips I used a mauve natural pink by MAC in Hug Me (Lustre finish) with a little bit of gloss by Rock and Republic in Hot Sauce, which is a coral with gold shimmers. Even though it looks like Britney is wearing lip liner, I decided to pass because I want the lips to look less played up and let the eyes do the talking. 

   Even though I was afraid to try to mimic Britney's HIAM look, I've learned that it's not that bad once you break things down. I think everyone should experiment with looks that they like on celebrities in movies, magazines, shows, etc. so that you can learn from it. Creativity comes from experimenting. And remember, don't try so hard to copy, but use it as an inspiration. And don't give up. I like using inspiring looks and making it my own with some tweaks. 

Hope you all enjoy this and love ya! 


  1. you actually did a pretty good job with Britney inspired look! I'm going to wear this for a girl night out! ;D

  2. Yes, I agree with Baobao, too. You did well on Britney inspired look. Love the eyelashes. ^_^

  3. what are you wearing on your nails

  4. I am wearing Particuliere by CHANEL. Thanks for stopping by!