Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dance the night away "On the Floor"

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Tong

I've been dancing the night away to J. Lo's new song "On the Floor" ft. Pitbull and I LOVE her look in the music video. If you haven't seen it click HERE I absolutely love J. Lo in all of her looks. I've been definitely obsessed over her different looks on American Idol. From the clothes to the hair and makeup, everything is flawless. 

    I used her look when she is wearing the silver jumpsuit in the music video as inspiration. Of course it doesn't look completely like her or her look, but I don't look like her. My eyes are rounder so I had to stop the lower lash liner in the middle instead of further into the corner of the eye. Also bc my eyes are black I didn't want to line my lash line with the brown eyeshadow like she did.  I also changed the main eyeshadow color to a darker blue tone brown due to my dark hair, but that's the art of makeup you have to change things up accordingly to yourself. That's what makes you unique. 

  Let me add that this isn't an imitation, I'm just simply inspired by her beautiful makeup. I hope you guys enjoy it and found something helpful from my video. Try this look out for yourself and remember to tweet it up to yourself and make it your own. Tell me how it goes! 

With flash and more true to colors

Love you all! 


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