Thursday, March 3, 2011

MAC New Launches Overload! Jeanius, Cremeblends, Sheen Supreme OH MY!

   The new MAC Collection Jeanius is launch today at your local MAC stores (pro or counter). I haven't had the time to go check it out, but base on what I have seen online I think it is just "ok". I mean there's not a whole lot to pick from, but they all are limited edition. I do like it when MAC comes up with new colors and make them limited edition rather than just coming up with a fun theme and reintroduce colors that have been in older collections or simply add permanent products or colors. The colors in this collection are jean inspired which is a cool concept but I don't see the theme being incorporated into the packaging at all. Only the eyeshadows have a imprint jeans and a metallic section that mimics a button, which is similar to "To the Beach" collection the metallic layer will wear off after a couple of application. 
If you're interested check out Temptalia's video for review/swatches.

What I like and might get: Just the bright pink blush in Overdyed (Satin finish), but most likely pass just because there isn't anything special about the packaging nor color. There are plenty of dupes. Please, don't take my word for it because I have not seen these in person. I will come back to change my opinions IF they win me over lol. 

Another line is launched today by MAC... Sheen Supreme! ($14.50 each)

       I am extremely excited to see these colors in person after seeing the wonderful swatches from Karla Sugar. I love lipsticks that are almost chapstick or lipbalm texture. I have wrinkly or noticeable creases on my lips, therefore drier formulas are not falttering nor are they something I would want to wear all day. I love Korres Mango Butter lipstick and CHANEL Rouge CoCo Shine formula as well as wear. Love to be able to apply and reapply lipstick without a mirror and without a balm or conditioner first. Seems like a lot of brands are catching the "trend" because Bobbi Brown just came out with new lipsticks that are hydrating and moisturizing too. MAC Sheen Supreme are similar to these formulas, but it seem like the colors are more opaque and SUPREME!! 

What would I get from this collection: Bare Again, Gotta Dash! ( of course because it is a light coral), Ultra Darling, and Full Speed. I will come back to let u know what I think think and what I purchase >_< Hopefully nothing, my wallet is already crying due to the title of this post. 

Another reason today being a MAC Overload... New Cremeblend Blushes ( $19.50)

Even though MAC Cremeblend Blushes are have been introduced once before and all are permanent this Spring 2011 Collection are new colors. There are six new colors if you want to see more description as well as swatches click here.

Which would I get: Probably none because I have about 6 creme blushes from NYX and they are as great for a lesser price of $5- 6 USD. I only use creme blushes during the summer to keep my blush on all day and setting it with a powder blush.  I wouldn't wear it by itself because the tacky and sticky texture might attract dust, hair, etc. 

OK! Whew that was a long and overloaded post. I hope I did a good job overviewing the three new collections from MAC that is launch today. Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Have a great day and don't be too overwhelmed!
JEN :) 


  1. OMg i went to the Mac store yesterday after the email they sent out.
    Their creme blushes are much better than the old blushes! They blends very well too. I think it's all worth the money.

    twitter: litohmoo

  2. O Really?? I'll have to check it out. Didn't realize it was a new forumla too. Thanks for letting me know! DId you get any?

  3. I got the Ladyblush. It's a bit weird at first because when you open it, it has this oily layer on top. My first impression was... This was not what i saw at the store!!! but when you wipe it off as you take some colors to test it out, the oil layer doesnt show up anymore. I think the oil layer helps the blush stay moisture or something.

  4. Yea in most cream blushes there is mineral oil. That's what make the pigment creamy. You will see the oil substance again if you dont use it often because the oil will rise. No biggy. I was looking at Ladyblush too!