Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quickie: MAC "Venomous Villains" Haul


Quick update... I just got back from picking up my pre-order from MAC's new line "Venomous Villains". If you guys have not heard of it, it is a line inspired by Disney stories. Instead of always praising the heroes and heroines, MAC decided to dedicate the line to villains. I only got a couple of things that are most popular as well as I feel like is suitable to me. I didn't want to splurge and get ones I didn't like of course, or even wouldn't use. Student under unemployment here people;)

Well here it is... stay tune for swatches and my review on the item SOON!!!

I would go out and try it out for yourself before it is sold out!

And always, have fun and good luck!

:) Jen