Friday, October 1, 2010

Venomous Villains REVIEW

Hi :)
Sorry I did not post up the swatches in time, but I hope the video already gave you guys some aspects of the line. I was really in a rush and didn't have time to tell you what I truly think of the line as well as the items I got! I got the two lip glosses and one blush.

   I didn't get more from the line just because I do not want to go back into my addictive ways. I have made a promise to only get what I "need" and will use OFTEN. But, if you want to know what I would have splurge on here it is... I would have gotten the two duo eyeshadow from the Sleeping Beauty- Maleficent line and the magical cool powder from the Princess and the Frog- Dr. Facilier line.       
(I might have to go get it hehe) I heard it feels like water mist on your face when you first put it on. I think it would be great for highlighting on the face and inner eyes.

ANYWAYS, enough of my wishful thinking...
   The blush I got is from the Evil Queen collection is call, "Bite of an Apple". The blush is matte bright coral pink color. I do not have a similar color in my blush collection so I am really excited about it. Because of its brightness I would not wear it with a natural look. I'm actually wearing it in the picture above. I think it balances out the colorful accents on my eyes. This color looks great on any skin tone. The packaging is cute, but the only con is the price is higher than MAC's regular blush and the container is a little smaller as well. :(

  As you can see, I've swatched the right side darker so that you can visualize how pigmented the color is versus the left side is the blended with version.The only con I can think of is the size... I wish there was more product!!

NOW... on to the lipglosses

I also got another item from the Evil Queen's line, which is the "Strange Potion" lipgloss. The color is a pink coral with a little bit of frost. (Which would look divine with the "Bite of an Apple" blush) I personally, do not like frost due to the creases in my lips. Frost do give you a pout look when applied to the center of the lips, but with me it seems to accentuate my "wrinkles". Ok, enough of me and anti-frost. You're probably wondering why did I get this color anyways? I decided to overlook the frost and purchased it because the color is very opaque and it is similiar to my favorite Cremesheen gloss - Richer Lusher that has been sold out! GREAT color... there isn't any cons except my hatred toward frost ;)

The only other thing I got from the Cruella Deville (wow never noticed how villain her name was lol) is the "Devilishly Stylish" lipgloss. Besides from the fact that I love the name, the color does the name justice. It is a nude with a bronze undertone color ... again with the FROST! I decided to get this color because of the balance of shimmers and frost. The color is great to put over darker colors to tone it down. I know a lot of people that are nude lovers would love this gloss because you can put it over your favorite nudes to make a new favorite color. LOVE IT!!

Here it is! On the right is "Strange Potion" and the left is "Devilishly Stylish"

  I personally love Disney as a kid and till this day! I cannot imagine my childhood without it. These fun colors inspired me to have a playful look. Hope you like it and see you soon on my next video! 

What I am wearing:
-Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Foundation Compact - Warm Natural
-MAC Studio Fix Powder- C4
-Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer Duo- Medium
-MAC Mineral Skinfinish 
-MAC Venomous Villains Blush- "BITE OF AN APPLE"

Eyes: (Tutorial Coming Soon)
-88 Eyeshadow palette
-MAC gel liner- Blacktrack
-Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara- Blackest
-ELF Eyebrow Kit- Dark
-MAC pigment in Vanilla

-Burt's Bee Lipbalm
-MAC Prolong Wear Lipstick- Till Tomorrow
-MAC Venomous Villains Lipgloss- "Strange Potion"

   I hope  my review will also inspire you to have a playful look. You do not need Disney make-up products to play up your make-up and attitude. Just need a little inspiration/confidence and a lot of playing around. Well, have fun guys and gals. Remember go get these items before they are sold out, I wouldn't want that to happen.

Good luck!

JEN :)