Thursday, February 17, 2011

CHANEL Black Pearl... my precious!

I have found a new respect for CHANEL in all aspects. You will be able to see it later on in my blog and videos, but for starters let me just say OH MY to their polish quality. I am a licensed manicurist and have been working for about 7 years now. I love high quality polishes and some of my favorites are OPI, Essie, China Glaze, ORLY, and now on the top of my list is CHANEL.

    I actually got this polish for Valentines Day from my love and he knew I would never spend that much on nail polish because one, I get it for cheaper with my license, and two, I have too much beauty junk to add on a high maintenance "necessity".

   Black Pearl is from the new 2011 Spring Collection from CHANEL. I know you're probably thinking this color is too dark for Spring because when Spring comes to mind we think of lavender, pink, coral, yellow, and other pastels. But I cannot argue with Chanel. This color is daring yet classy. We have to trust CHANEL because they did bring Black as Chic (Black Satin) and Taupe as Fresh (Particuliere). This just works! It ties in with their Spring Collection so well! The color isn't that dark on your fingers due to the pearl effect and I must add, it is just like the name... it's a BLACK PEARL...well 10 pearls on your hands. I usually do not like frosty colors and lean more towards the cream finishes, but this color is just unexplainable. The pearl effect is demonstrated through strands of green sparkle and silver twinkles hehe. In some light it is blue, others it is green and far away it looks like a dark steel color. I think it will be great on any skin tone.

   As you can see the "Black" in the color is slightly in the background of the polish and enhances the pearl blue/green, which does not make the color dark. Just like a black base is applied under eyeshadows to make the color more amplified as well as give it dimension.  I tried my best to take as many pictures in different lighting and positions possible so that you can see the many dimension of the color.

With complete and direct sunlight the color cannot be describe as black. 
The pearl is very visible and not at all "silver".

This is indoors with natural light hitting some areas. 
This shows the true color you will see through out the day.
 Also, you can really see the strands of shimmer.

I hope I did and didn't convert you to become a CHANEL lover hehe. 

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  1. I always knew Chanel made great polishes.. Just too darn pricey!!