Friday, March 25, 2011

"Blue Skies & Sunshine" Spring is Officially HERE!


    SPRING is here and can you tell I am super duper excited! Fall is my favorite season for many reasons including fashion and makeup looks, but anyone can get tired of the cold. I know a lot of people in the North and East are experiencing a lot of snow and yucky weather, so let's help them enter spring on a brighter note.

  This look was inspired by my happy mood when finding out it is officially Spring. I got to go to the park with my niece and nephew and feed the ducks the other day and something reminded me it's SPRING.... sudden rain fall haha but it was fun! Grass is growing green again and flowers blooming.
  So enough of my obsession with Spring, let's go on to the look! As you can tell I was inspired with blue skies and sunshine. These colors might be loud but if you apply it correctly, you can really make your eyes pop as well as your mood!

  You don't have to use the exact colors I am, but when using bright colors it is best to use matte. You don't want to draw too much attention to the eyes because the colors already make a statement. More importantly do not use a large section of your eyes for the color. Try to concentrate in one area and then BLEND BLEND BLEND. The more you blend the more "natural" the bright colors can seem. When using a lot of color on your lids try to not line your eyes too dark or wing out the liner. Any dramatic effect can really make the eyes look "clown-like". You want to keep in mind that you want it to be SOFT!

Colors in natural light (more important since it's Spring)

Colors with FLASH and indoors

  Keep the cheeks and lips simple as well. I choose a cool tone pink because I didn't want to keep the focus away from the eyes. Gloss is always a better alternative to lipstick when you're doing a playful look. CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss is really light and natural, yet it lasts forever and non-sticky! Which is a definite plus when you're running around outside.

Here are some more close up pictures of my look. Just being silly with the camera. Hope you can see how great these colors compliment the eyes as well as look awesome in pictures! Thanks for reading!!

Couldn't help but laugh at my CAMERA faces. Ew >_<

Please keep JAPAN in your prayer and thoughts.

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  1. You're too cute :) I love this bright springy look.