Friday, October 15, 2010

Fix Broken Makeup

Hi Low!

    Do you waste money on makeup? Especially when it's because you keep accidentally knocking it off your vanity or just throwing it in your cosmetic bags? Well, you don't have to stop all of that, just find a way to fix the broken makeup. The two things I break most often are my eyeshadows and blushes. Also, my makeup compact and palettes usually run low and then the oil from my brushes or my fingers make them harder to apply when there is so little product left. So... what shall you do??

    Well this is what I usually do to fix my broken makeup as well as make the last bits of eyeshadow or blushes useful. I also love using my pigments to customize my eyeshadows to my skin tone and preferences. 

Alright, have fun experimenting and be careful.

Good luck and take care!
<3 Jen