Sunday, October 3, 2010

Haute Red Lips: How to Last...

Hello hellO!!!

   Long time no see.. NOT hehe. I just wanted to drop by to share with you all, my new method to keeping a red lip or any other lip color on all day and night. It can last through eating, drinking, and talking. I'm so excited for the Fall because bold colors are the trend this Autumn and Winter. I'm SOOO HAPPY about my red lipstick. First, I got to find the perfect red color that is matte, moisturizing, non-scented/fragrance, and complimenting for myself. NOW, I've found a way to keep it on forever without bleeding or fades. I'm in makeup heaven.

     I know, I know the coloring in the video is bad... makes me look almost like an oopaloopa cousin or something. But I was too excited to wait for the next day. Plus, it wouldn't be real... I couldn't prove to you how well the color lasted. Well, I hope this video make you as excited as I am about bold lip colors. 

Have fun experimenting with different colors and good luck finding your perfect one.