Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diana Agron at Grammys 2011 Inspired Look

    After watching the Grammys and expected to see so many new trends with fashion as well as makeup... I was kind of disappointed. The only look that caught my eye was Diana's ( aka Gwen from GLEE). I love how she played up her usual look of neutrals and went with a edgy rocker look. Very appropriate for the Grammys in my opinion. Gwen is my favorite in the show GLEE and I am so excited to be doing a look inspired by her. 

   This look proves that any girl can look edgy and smokey even if you're a girl who is always in pinks and prefer soft looks, that's the fun thing about makeup. Depending on your mood and what you're wearing or where you're going, the same girl can show her a different side to her that know one knows just by applying makeup a little differently. Of course, this look is not for everyday... unless that is your thing, but for a special event where you'll be turning heads, this is definitely the look for that night.

    My look is a little different because I am wearing grayish lavender accessories and I want my look to have more of a silver look rather than black. I know the black's contrast on her skin is absolutely stunning, but just to make mine more sultry I think the gray looks better against my dark brown eyes. I suggest if you have a lighter eye color like Diana ( hazel, green, blue, etc.) substitute for black. I plied on colors to give the eye a lot of dimension. If you were to only use black the eye will look very flat. Adding a brown as a blending color gives the eyes a warm gradient effect. We will be able to see the eye makeup in different lighting and differentiate the colors used down below. 

 Natural Sunlight
Indoors with FLASH

   I hope you guys try this look out even if you have to tone it down a little or find that some of my tips in the video helpful! I think it is really fun to play up your look once in a while just to let go and show a different side of you. Everyone has many dimensions to their characteristics so why not allow your makeup to translate that? 



  1. Very Edgy and Glamarous! keep ıt up! oh and dnt frgt to check out my blog too!

    plz do! ıt wıll mean a lot ıf you do!

  2. Very pretty and i love the necklace. Cant wait to try this out. Thanks!

  3. It's actually Quinn, lol. I like how subtle your look is compared to Quinn's.

  4. OOHH nice! You have to show me how to do that puffy hair!!