Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Early Christmas... Rock & Republic "Bedroom" Blush!

Hi again! 
I know it is quite early for Christmas, but I could not wait to purchase my first Rock & Republic Blush. I've heard so many great reviews and swatches on  and you know my obsession with blush. You can never have too many ;) It is pricey, but signing up for Rock & Republic's emailing list I got 10% off as well as their 99 cent shipping promotion. Not to mention shipping was FAST!

    Why do I say it is early Christmas? Waiting on FedEx was overwhelming, but once I heard that door bell ring I raced down the stairs while cheering for the arrival like it was Christmas morning racing down to the tree. Don't worry our FedEx and UPS guy is use to it. 

Cutting open the box and unwrapping the package was ...just the beginning of it! 

(Love the logo sticker)

The handling of the package was nicely done because the blush was not broken or damaged. The box that the package came in was very fancy. A little bulky, but it is over the top! (Which reflects the price I paid) Sorry for the shadowing and lighting... I was too excited before I opened it and my camera battery was low to even notice.

And Taaa DaAAaa!!!! :)))

Oooo AhhHh...

   Finally in my hands, I was so afraid to open it because all that have led up to it have not disappointment me. The package of the product is heavy and luxurious feeling. I wouldn't carry it around as a compact just because there is no need to with the quality of the blush and the size of the compact.

  Isn't it gorgeous? I love it so much! The color is matte with a little hint of coral and a pink. I always go for colors like this, but this is IT! It is the one I will use everyday. The color is build able for a night time look and it is definitely a color anyone of any skin tone can wear for any time of the day. I think it is a great natural look and very flattering. The pigmentation of the color is just unbelievable. There is 9 grams of product which is about 2 times more product than NARS blushes. But you don't even need to swirl your brush into it for good pick-up. Just a tap or two will do. So with that said, the amount of product given and the amount of product needed is worth the money, you will NEVER run out! The finish is very smooth/silky and not powdery. I cannot say if it lasts well because I have not tried it out for a whole day. I am definitely going back and buying more of the colors!!! I do not want to go crazy and stock up, but they did go out of stock for a few months this summer...SCARY!

- That will be on my OCTOBER HITS& MISSES Video. Hehe :O
 I will then review the product as well! 
 But if you cannot wait.... Go onto my favorite blogger  for more swatches from this collection.
Till then,