Monday, October 4, 2010

Outfit of the Day... 10-3-10


        Just a quick post to let you guys see my Outfit of the Day inspired by the summer going into Autumn! Like you've all heard, Autumn is my favorite season and not only for the weather, but more so the fashion. What I love most is the layering and mix match of cheap and chic trends. You could mix expensive with cheap and no one could guess which is cheap. You just have to wear it with confidence and give it a little of "you" styling.

YAY! Just my kind of day... jacket with sunglasses ;)

What I am Wearing:
-White, crew neck, 3/4 sleeve, knit shirt- Banana Republic (Outlet)
-Black, racer back, Jumper- Urban Outfitter (Sale rack)
-Black, Boyfriend, Blazer- Marshalls
-Brown/bronze, gradient, sunglasses- Gucci
-Purse- Gucci
-Brown leather, wedge, shoes- Vince Camuto

   See? You can mix some low end and high end stuff and no one would know! I actually shop more on the thrifty side, but I do splurge on items I think are worth it for the look and quality. Some splurges here and there can really make a difference to your everyday look because one statement item can really make any look POP! So just look around and if you find something you "cannot live without" get it... it will be worth it. But keep in mind it does not have to be expensive to make a statement. Just anything that says "you" will do.

Alright, till next time... have a great weekend!

Jen :)