Friday, October 8, 2010

GoodWill Haul

Hi! -_- 

    I'm a little frustrated with YouTube and their way of choosing thumbnails... should be named "dumbnails" instead hehe. They always make me look super silly. Maybe who ever that is choosing it get a kick out of it. Just kidding, I know it is randomly chosen or actually there is a program that is set to do that. I heard that you can actually figure out how they calculate the screenshots that they will chose. I guess it is a good thing for us somehow.
   Anyways, back to the nice me. Fall and winter fashion is here and I do not want to get a brand new wardrobe. Unless you stocked up when the stores were cleaning out their fall and winter clothes during the spring, you cannot find a good deal on them. Of course you can wear stuff you have already, but mixing things you already own and NEW things is the fun and exciting part. hehe

  Alright, enough of me babbling on about how great it is... see it for yourself!

  Well someone's old stuff can be your new stuff. Or as people say it, "Someone's trash can be someone's treasure". GoodWill is a great way to not only donate stuff you are tired of or do not fit anymore, but it is a great way to find cheap stuff. Some stereotypical people might think it is only for poor people, but the GoodWill Store actually uses the stuff you donate to get money for the needy. So you can help them out more than one way. The stuff at GoodWill are great and very forgiving to our wallets.
  I usually donate my stuff to GoodWill at the end of each season, but my biggest donation is at the end fo the year. This is also a great way to recycle your clothes. Don't throw it out, why would you throw away money?
  But keep in mind that finding great things at GoodWill is luck. You cannot depend on my haul or words for assurance that you will find something great. You have to be hopeful and have patience.
  I go back every month or whenever I have time. My strategy is to go before they have the 50% off weekend sales once a month. Because if you're unlucky and go after the sale everything is gone. But if you go a little pass that day then new inventory is available.
  I hope that this video will help inspire you to go out there and find great deals on "new" fall and winter fashion. You don't have to find the newest stuff to be trendy. Use your creativity to make the clothes your style. That in my opinion is stylish.

** Remember to make sure if the location you plan on going to is either a donation drop-off or a store.

Good luck with that and see you soon!