Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I know it's late and it really isn't my style to write up a review while trying to keep my eyes open, but I am so excited for my new POND'S FLAWLESS WHITE that I had to just write a little about it. It just came in the mail today from YesStyle

    What is POND'S FLAWLESS WHITE? It's a product line that is not available in the USA due to customer demands, I believe. It's a custom/tradition that many asian woman love and believe white or lighter skin is beautiful. Kind of the opposite here because people pay tanning salons just to get darker. I think it started with the belief that if you are darker (in Asia), then you are a lower class person or at least from a chain of lower class relatives. Because the darker you are the more time you spend outside, and among the many reason of being outside a lot is working out on the fields. Unlike here in the USA, a good tan means you have time to actually go on a vacation and enjoy some sunlight. 

    POND'S FLAWLESS WHITE is actually mostly compared to Shishedo's WHITE LUCENT. I cannot say how the Shishedo one is because I have not tried it, but my friend Ha has and said it took forever for her to see results and that it cost too much for her to keep up with so she gave up after one buy. Therefore, I cannot say if you were to continue to use it that it could give permanent result ( I doubt it), but it hard to spit up hundreds to have even skin tone. Oh! That leads me to the question you're probably asking and thinking of... why would we ( those who do not live in ASIA or want to be "white") want this product? 

    I personally decided to buy this because I have easily scar acnes or in other words my acnes leaves dark spots after it has attacked my face. I'm not dark so it doesn't blend in and I'm not fortunate to not be light enough for it to turn into red/pink scars. I've been using Lancome's Genifique Youth Concentrate for about 3 months now and love that it has even out my skin tone and even out my texture, but I don't think it has properties to fade scars and even out my slightly darker forehead and chin to the rest of my face. On top of that I have freckles and even though I have discover SPF 55++ it can only protect me from now on and cannot reverse the damage the sun has done. 

   I purchased POND'S FLAWLESS WHITE deep cleanser and nightcream. The reason why I did not purchase anything else from the line is because the other products are used daily through out the day. Products like these that acts like a bleach to the skin is extremely sensitive to the sun. I do not want to risk the chance of thinning my skin or create skin damage during the day. My scars have been barable for this long already so the speed isn't my concern. I'm only going to use the cleanser at night and then use the nightcream under my moisturizer. 


     The smell is extremely nice and I know a lot of people prefer no fragrance in their skincare because it makes them believe that the product is purely medicinal and miracle work, but honestly I cannot put anything on my face ( because it is near my nose of course) that stinks. This pleasant smell of roses and other flowers make it more fun to put on as well as makes me feel "pretty" if that makes sense. There are little finely milled pink sand like particles in the cleanser that dissolves once you lather it onto the face. A little goes a long way and the texture is very creamy. The "foam" that is mentioned on the package is more like a soap with little water type of foam and not a foam from a foam nozzle. After rinsing the product off, my face feels squeaky clean... and by that I mean it actually made squeaky noises. I don't think that is a bad or good thing because that might mean there is a high amount of pH causing the product to be basic. The more basic a product is the more "soapy" the product's substances resembles. 


The smell again is extremely nice and I just can't get enough of it. Very clean, classy, and not delicious but more like a bouquet of flowers. Even though you cannot see the shimmer in the pot it is very visible on the face... and let just me add THANK GOODNESS it is a nightcream. I hope this shimmer comes off once I wash my face tomorrow morning. I do not want to go out looking like a disco ball. The texture is creamy, but after it is spread, it becomes more like a very velvety powder. The feeling is luxurious and kind of mattifying. I think maybe if it is similar to the regular daily lotion/cream, then it might help those with oily skin. If it was daytime I would have to say this is enough moisture, but for nighttime I prefer to lather on a lot a lot of moisturizer, so I did put my POND's Dry Cream on afterward. 

Why I wasn't afraid to use this product?
- I have been in love with many of POND'S products such as Dry Cream, Cooling Cream, and Makeup Remover.
Try it out once you get a chance because these are available at your nearest drugstore such as Wal-Mart.

That was my first impression and if you're curious for more please stay tune and I will do a complete review with before and after pictures of the results in about two weeks.

Jen ;D


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